The Principle

Fire needs more oxygen than people do. Fire needs more than 16 % oxygen to burn. The air has 21 % oxygen, while a person can survive on less than 10 % oxygen for a short period of time. Using low-oxygen air to extinguish a fire is called: Hypoxic fire-fighting, a proven technology.

The innovation behind Natural Safety Systems placing one central pressure tank, which is filled with hypoxic air, making the system work over a larger area. This central solution for Natural Safety Systems provides an innovative and affordable approach, which is the key to make hypoxic fire-fighting the new standard.

Low Oxygen Air

The advantages of using low oxygen air:

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Natural Safety Systems innovation of placing one central pressure tank makes it cost-effective. This
approach to hypoxic fire-fighting makes it an accessible solution that can be applied at various locations.

  1. Urban, Residential and Public Areas

    Urban, Redidential and Public Areas

    Safe for people and causes
    no collateral damage

  2. Windmill parks

    Windmill parks

    Considerable risk reduction for turbines,
    as well as for the environment

  3. Stadiums


    The ultimate fire solution for stadiums,
    local problem, local solution.



What would happen, if a fire starts in a house, that is protected by Natural Safety Systems? As the fire is detected, the system activates and through a series of valves, it makes use of the central ventilation system, to force hypoxic air, air with reduced oxygen, into the room. The hypoxic air will flush out the smoke, and provide a lower oxygen environment, in which the fire cannot continue to burn.

Hypoxic fire fighting has several advantages over conventional fire fighting techniques. The automated system will stop the fire, before it has a chance to spread. The smoke, along with any health hazardous substances are flushed out, so people won’t have impaired vision from the smoke and the air remains safe to breath. Also there is no collateral damage to your home.


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